MENTO Környezetkultúra Kft. (MENTO Environment Culture Ltd.) is one of the most significant companies dealing with waste management. Our firm is dealing with environmental protection, treating and stabilizing (making harmless) both non-hazardous communal (municipal) solid waste and industrial waste.

Since our foundation, our main goal has been to protect our environment, to
provide sustainability.
Our principle is to meet the requirements of costumers at an outstanding professional level and according to the highest quality standards while staying in accordance with the environment. Here, at MENTO Környezetkultúra Kft. (MENTO Environment Culture Ltd.) our colleagues are specialized in unique demands, they are professional, open-minded, fair and devoted experts.
We are at our costumers’ disposal with a complete mechanical preparative group, mechanical leaders, project supervisors, mechanical controllers, and environmental engineers. Both our expertise and wide-ranging network of contractors guarantees the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our costumers.

We believe in…

…a sense of purpose
During our existence, for more than a decade, our main goal has been to protect our environment and to provide sustainability. We believe that with a preventive approach we can do our best for the protection of our environment. We aim at making our solutions be in harmony with nature.

The aim of our solutions is to make our environment healthier, cleaner and more habitable. We believe that we must act for our environment in every case when we have the chance to do so.

…in dynamic development
Beside our fully comprehensive environmental and waste management tasks – responding to the market’s demands – we are dealing with building constructions as well. We offer several solutions for our partners from the construction of light structural buildings through the recultivation of landfill sites to road works.

With our complex solutions we reduce the load and contaminations of different environmental elements. We pre-treat and stabilize wastes, and together with these, we also care for the secondary raw materials in them. We process and recycle inert waste, construction and demolition waste, and take care of their recycling. We protect the base of drinking-water, take care of the construction of drinking-water networks. Furthermore, we also provide the construction of proper waste water networks, and the decontamination of soil load.

We are inspired by the continuously changing environmental regulations to ensure the professionality of our solutions by merging the best available European and world standard technologies with the highest quality. For us it is important that our solutions have a minimal load for our environment.