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Thank you for visiting our homepage. Let me call your attention to MENTO Környezetkultúra Kft (MENTO Environment Culture Ltd.) as one of the most significant companies that has been operating since 2000 dealing with waste management in the north eastern region of Hungary.

Those who have already worked with us before are aware that the highest quality, proper cost-effectiveness and agility can be obtained when entrusting our company so that they can co-operate with a professional team specialized in these issues. To achieve your goals, MENTO Környezetkultúra Kft. (MENTO Environment Culture Ltd.) is the perfect choice where our colleagues are open-minded, devoted experts working whole-heartedly for both our clients and their establishments.

We organize and operate our activity and services to be able to meet our clients’ (procurers) demands at an outstanding professional level and according to the highest quality standards while staying in accordance with the environment. All these are feasible because we are present on the market as a company offering unique services thanks to our professionalism.

If you could not find what you were looking for, we kindly ask you not to give up. Get in touch with our company on one of the given contacts, and we aim at offering you a tailor-made solution.

We look forward to greeting you amidst our clients soon.

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Mr Hercsik, István